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Reach your optimal health potential through chiropractic care here at Stuckey Family Chiropractic, Inc. When your nervous system functions normally, your body will operate more efficiently. 

The Renowned Gonstead System

Our main mission is to serve you with respect and honesty while teaching the value of obtaining true health using specific Gonstead Chiropractic methods. We’ll help you understand your case and the plan we have for you!

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“Dr. Stuckey is the best chiropractor in southern Wisconsin, hands-down!!!”

Sage Duval


“Dr. Stuckey is wonderful and takes the time to really dig into the root causes of pain. He is not a chiro that pushes you to come back multiple times a week, but rather works with your body to heal itself. We will not go anywhere else!”

Jen Riemer


“I have had back problems for many years, mostly I avoided chiropractic care thinking they couldn’t do much for my back. About two years ago I decided to try again. I went to Stuckey Chiropractic and I was very impressed with Jason and the method he uses, which is the Gonstead Method.
Recently I have had a very bad experiece with Shingles. I continue even more often to go get adjustments. The shingles affected my back in a bad way..The adjustments have helped so much.I am so impressed with Jason and the way he really cares for people. If you are having any problems, Jason Stuckey can probably help you.”

Joan Koenig


“Dr. Stuckey listens, and he is very gentle. Thank you for all your help and guidance.”

Kim Rorabeck